50mm insulated cool room wall panel

Price: $38.00.00 per SQM

Light weight sandwich panel with thickness of 0.5mm powdered coated steel on upper side and 0.5mm on underside of the steel.

Eps form thickness: 50mm

Effective Width: 1150mm

Colour: Off White both side

Insulation rating: 1.6

Length Sizes in stock: 2.4m, 3.0m 3.6, 4.8m and 6m

Our cold room insulated wall panels is suitable for the following Purpose: Granny flat, Site office, home office, mobile home, Partitioning, Classroom, Shed, Retreats, Home Saloons, Man caves, Family day care, Holiday Cabins, amenities block, Art Studio, beauty Saloon, Music recording studio etc, the possibilities of the usage of this product are endless.
50mmx2.4m length is $104.40 p/metre
50mmx2.7m length is $117.45 p/metre
50mmx3.0m length is $130.50 p/metre
50mmx3.6m length is $156.60 p/metre
50mmx4.8m length is $208.80 p/metre
50mmx6.0m length is $261.00 p/metre
We also stock cold room wall panels accessories such as U channel, Angled shape channel, H channel, and more.


$38.00 per SQM